Handcrafted in sunny San Diego, California, 

Green Witch Goods is deeply rooted in nature, adventure, and wellness.

My name is Jody and I'm the owner & alchemist of Green Witch Goods.

Like many of us, I've dealt with enough serious health challenges over my life to know wellness takes work.   And like all of us, I'm more than just my medical record.   I love running, traveling, and SCUBA diving,   enjoying the beach as often as possible, usually with my partner and our dogs in tow. 


  I've been studying and blending botanicals for decades for self-care and pain relief.   Many moons ago during an apprenticeship at an apothecary on Nantucket Island, I discovered the magic of using herbalism to help others, and the seeds of Green Witch Goods were planted. 


 I've taken my best, most loved formulas and infused them with CBD for extra soothing and anti-inflammatory OOMF.  They make feeling good and staying active easier for me and I absolutely believe these Goods can make natural self-care, pain management, and daily wellness easier for others, too. 


I'm committed to sustainability and responsible, ethical sourcing, using USDA-certified organic ingredients from cruelty-free suppliers and durable packaging and shipping materials that are reusable and recyclable   I'm also committed to community.  As Green Witch grows so will our local contributions, including donating a portion of profits to Planned Parenthood. 

Thank you for joining me on this path to feeling our best. 

  I hope you'll love our Goods and I welcome your feedback.  


Jody Shalgren

Founder & Alchemist