Magic Pain Balm

Highly potent, this warming botanical balm is deeply infused with premium organic ingredients and 33mg hemp CBD, shown to help tame a wide variety of aches and pains 


Magic Pain Balm was developed after years of suffering from migraines and neuropathy.  Formulated with entirely natural ingredients, this signature formula finally brought relief by taking the edge off of our pain, allowing us to function without all the aspirin.


Enhanced with the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, Magic Pain Balm is now an even more potent staple in our pain management plan. We reach for it to soothe our sore muscles, achy joints and killer cramps. 


USE: Rub balm deeply into affected areas.  Apply as often as needed using multiple thin layers for best results.  Wash hands after use. 





WARNING: Avoid eyes, lips, broken and/or sensitive skin.  For external use only. Patch test on skin. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.  Keep away from children and animals. Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The safety of this product has not been evaluated. 


Magic Pain Balm





hemp oil,* raw shea butter,* beeswax,* rosemary,* peppermint,* cayenne,* lavender,* black pepper,* turmeric,* clove bud,* ginger root,* arnica flowers,  oregano,* cinnamon,* lemon grass,* Willow bark,* tulsi,* chamomile,* aloe vera,* hemp protein,* Clary sage,* Cedar wood*

+USA grown hemp CBD (Free of THC)

*USDA Certified Organic |  Always Cruelty-Free