A tale being written in sunny San Diego, California, 

Green Witch Goods will always be a story rooted in kindness....


A deeply personal mission, GWG began as my search for natural, effective pain relief from the neuropathy and migraines I deal with almost daily.


Diabetic since childhood, at 29 my kidney went kaput.  After 18 months of dialysis and true fight for my life, I received a successful kidney/pancreas transplant in 2009. 


The transplant alleviated the diabetes and renal failure but not the residual complications. 

Tired of ravaging my body with aspirin that didn't help my pain,

I sought to create my own naturally potent potions which I could safely use in tandem with the "modern" medicine that had helped save my life. 

After much learning, trial and error I formulated products that were able to actually help me manage the disruptive pain of neuropathy and daily headaches. 


The relief of which felt nothing short of magical. 


From that seed of soothing Green Witch Goods began to grow.



I am proud to be a female founded company dedicated to doing good,

giving back and enjoying the ride along the way. 

I am so thankful to have you join me on this exciting, meaningful journey. 




 I hope to become a trusted source on your path to your best life 

and warmly invite you to contact me with any questions you may have. 


Jody Shalgren

Founder & Alchemist

Moxy Moo

Advisor & Adventure Dog